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Updates | ALIVE

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Updates | ALIVE

Updates for our short film ALIVE:

So, as with all things in film, we ran into some hiccups along our path from idea to final rehearsal (which is on Feb 28). What kind of hiccups? Well, funding has been a hiccup if you take a glance out our IndieGogo page. Also, we ran into problems with locations making changes or adjusting requirements, which in turn quadruple the cost of insurance.

These are all bad things, but you know what? We are overcoming them as we roll forward. New locations have been found and confirmed. That’s a big check list item. Insurance has decreased with the new location as well. So, things are still rolling along. But then we are still stuck with the funding problem. The good news for cast and crew is that we will mover forward and film this movie. Our funding problem is pushed into a post production problem.

Again we ask you to contribute to this cause and if you’re local select the perk that includes tickets to the premier. You’ll be glad you did.–9#home