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About Will

WILL GILMORE, Vice President

Will Gilmore was born June 2, 1991, in Carmichael, California, and raised in Elk Grove, CA. Born into a long line of Thespians, Will enjoyed stage acting and directing from a young age. After graduating from Franklin High School in 2009, Will moved to Seattle, WA to pursue a career in film. His early work included several short films, including “Snag,” where Will met his great friend Nathan Turner, who would direct Will’s short film “Hinterhalt.”

Will has been involved in the following films:

  • Director

    • Live from the Blackbox Theatre
    • Cabaret Classics
    • Hinterhalt (writer)
    • I Don’t Believe in Ghosts (cinematographer)
    • Family Film
    • The Green Chair
    • Jaded
    • The Fourth Reich
  • Actor

    • Prodigal
    • Microsoft Surface Pro 3 Seahawks Commercial
    • GRIMM